The most beautiful girl in the world

A moment of self indulgence here. Sadly, our dog Holly passed away just one week shy of her 15th birthday. It really didn't help when the vet said she should have died 3 years ago, but she just kept on going....

She was thrown out of a car window when she was a puppy and luckily (for us) she went skittling up to my friend's front door step and we instantly fell in love with this furry little butterball.

 Now just hanging out seems empty

there's no one to clean up after a successful bout of digging

no one to protect us from hedgehogs

no one to squash the couch

or to take up all the room on the bed

no one to give haircuts to

no one to play 'stalking' in the garden with

and no one to snuggle when they're super tired

Even though there's all sorts of things going on in the world that we should give some kind of damn about, at the end of the day - I just want my friend back