Day 4: Running for a reason

on Sunday, members of SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation) joined in the annual 'Round The Bays Run' to spread their good word
When asked to pose by his bike, he sportingly obliged

Day 3: Escape to Goat Island

not a bad shot considering it was taken out the car window at 110km
a rather unfriendly seagull

Tea. Fact.

2nd day of camera ownership!

Get off my bread. It's not for you - it's for the birds

A happy Asus customer

too tired to pose

First photos with whizzo camera

It's the little things that don't get enough credit...
 a bright, red, apple...
your Nana's elephant...
 or the day spent just hanging with friends 
(they're not friends of course, they're china knick-knacks and don't know about hanging out)