at the end of the day, all we really want are some of these....

The last of the Festival of Litter

Every few years the city council would kindly hold an inorganic collection. Mountains of rubbish  blossomed in the street - but sadly - this was the last inorganic ever. Impossible to miss this final opportunity to make ourselves at home on the neighbours' crap

 Hey! Tamara found a backgammon set!

  there's loads of interesting things to read...

and always a comfy seat to get on with some knitting

 this seat wasn't particularly comfy. It scored a 3 out of 10
these ones were a little better   
after an exciting day, it's nice to have a lie down and get some shut-eye...


I felt very honoured when asked by SAFE if I would take the photos of their vigil on Saturday. 90 animals activists each held a body of a dead chicken representing the 90 million birds killed every year. The vigil was part of SAFE's Stop Factory Farming month, drawing attention to the hidden suffering of these animals in New Zealand and around the world. Find out more: www.stopfactoryfarming.org.nz