Avondale markets

 woman and her bubble

our best purchases.....
 and where else could I possibly buy plastic hearts and hologram cranes...

Karekare - residents and visitors

the residents hide while the visitors make a show of themselves

 the road back home

Her name is 136 but she looks more like an 'Yvonne' to me

we spotted each other

her friend wasn't fussed - but she was slightly intrigued
 she came up to say hello

 "Did you watch the latest episode of The GC" she asked

we chewed the fat for a while (well, she chewed her cud) then it was time for us both to go
"I'll come back and see you sometime" I said. "Please do" she replied.

Volunteers Day at Motat

My favourite part of Motat was the room with the old telephones. I got so carried away ringing America and Asia, watching all the colours light up on the world map, I forgot to take photos of it. Never mind, lots of other things to see and do... 

...here, a volunteer relates all the interesting facts about the history of the printing press...



I loved this little kid - I could just picture him as a school boy in 1882 bringing in an apple for his teacher

 the hall of mirrors
 I've got 3 arms

wanna go for a ride...?

these pretty things worked hard - they were starting to look tired, dreaming of their dinner and a big green field