National Dog Show

Saying it was doggy heaven is a total understatement.
All shapes and sizes, from all over the country - my only question is: why, oh why, is this only once a year and not every, single week?!?
In my head I had a list of dogs I'd quite like to have in my life, but my list grew crazily out of control...
I want one of these
and one of these
 Nick wants one of these
all of these ones would do just fine too
who wouldn't want one of these squashing the couch??
I have no idea what these are
Actually, one of the best parts of the show was meeting all the people there - they were really friendly

the dogs give their handlers one final pep talk before their big moment
 time to discuss strategies...
 "and don't do anything to embarrass me. Got it, human?"
About to go on - these ones think it's a hoot
this one's not so sure...
 you should win a prize just for looking like this...
"I have no idea what they're saying"
"but apparently I'm very good..."


I am SO gonna celebrate with my rubber chicken!

Now are these just the cutest things you've ever seen...?

Gutted that I didn't catch a perfect photo of this stunning beauty. She moved like the wind, and if she were mine I'd call her 'Zephyr'. This one definitely tops my list!