I'm ba-ack...

Haven't posted for such a long, long time!
The first reason is because my muse left me - I took photos at several events but just couldn't get motivated to go through the pictures and sort them out. A bit strange because I was really looking forward to shooting them, but once I got home the editing urge disappeared right out the window.

The second reason is because I got a new phone (that actually works properly) so I've been playing with my Instagram accounts
instagram.com/kapowsuperbat and instagram.com/kapowsuperdog (for my doggy portraits)

Every beach is better with a dog. Part 3: Bella and Mac

We're dog sitting so took the puppies out for adventures -but someone did not want to come home from the beach...

Oh yeah. Holes.

I can't stay stinky and muddy?    I no understand...
Mac was rather unimpressed but commendably stoic about all this bath business