Bethell's Beach Storm Angels part 2

Cyclone Lusi looms on the horizon and we leave work early to prepare for the apocalypse.

But hell, if we're going to die, we must do it at Bethell's Beach.

As it turned out, it was just a bit windy really...

Patriotic birds flying in the formation of the Southern Cross 

the tide comes in in one great whoosh

but we no afraid. we got rain coats and bare feet

and he's got a boogie board

and they've got wings

The west coast beaches are notoriously dangerous and sadly many people have drowned here - it's not so much the waves but the massively strong rips and currents that lie beneath them

yeah, Anadarko, fuck off

meanwhile, on the other side of town, Cyclone Lusi was slapping our water fountain... poor water fountain